The perfect solution for
protecting your employees

As for today, it is possible to receive pension clearing services for all employers in the economy, regardless of the type of salary system in their possession, while monitoring and controlling the pension clearing process in order to ensure that all files have reached their .destination and are received by institutional bodies
  • Reporting and operating

    A regulatory portal for reporting and clearing pension’s payments to all institutional bodies such as Insurance companies, Pension Funds andinvestmenthousesin Israel. This portal makes it possible to report all types of reports defined by the Israeli Treasury (positive, negative, facility) in addition to perform the financial clearing as part of the reporting process while controlling the data in real time.
  • Operation services

    Salary Clearance provides full operating services to the employer, which include monitoring the pension payments and handling refunds until the employee receives the funds. Operating services include the following services: personal referent and professional call center, handling feedback and rejections with the various parties, handling refunds, producing payment reports and accumulating compensation and auxiliary reports for 161.
  • Pension payments control

    We offer the employer a control services (Extra payment), designed to perform additional vital controls in the payroll and pension system such as Disability coverage control and compensation accruals for retroactive periods and current. These controls can result in financial savings, and of course, this saves the employer from mistakes and a lack of insurance coverage for his employees.
  • Digital processes

    A digital process for absorbing a new employee, which includes checking eligibility for pension deposits, fund details, 101 Form.
  • Professional Pension brokers

    We collaborate with “Grand Forum Insurance Agency”, an agency with extensive experience, professional and reliable; this cooperation allows the employer to receive a comprehensive package of marketing and operations,
    Providing full details to the operating entity, personal service meetings to provide an explanation and solutions about the pension products in addition to the individual products.
  • Grand Forum Insurance Agency has been operating since 2001. The founding team has over 50 years of experience in the field with thousands of customers all over the country.

    Our vision is to lead the insurance industry with a personal attitude, professionalism and a warm attitude to our customers and their families. We believe in reliability, integrity and dedication at work while providing a high level of service.

  • Our company provides pension operating solutions and complementary tools to the employer in everything related to the operation of pension plans, executive insurance, study funds and provident funds.

    The company enables the acceptance of full pension operating services by a professional team with many years of expertise and experience in the world of pensions, combined with the world of wages and social conditions, while complying with the provisions of the Capital Market Commissioner as part of the pension reform.